Contest and Awards

SPJ Cleveland Pro Awards

The Cleveland Chapter honors journalists with the Distinguished Service Award, which is the highest honor the Chapter can bestow for service. Journalists are nominated by the Board. In exceptional cases, the Board may choose a journalist to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award – the highest honor SPJ Cleveland can bestow upon a professional to recognize a career of accomplishments. 

Past winners

Note: x-denotes Lifetime Achievement Award

2021: Harry Boomer (x), Monica Robins, Betty Clapp

2021: Carrie Buchanan (x), Cliff Anthony

2020: Ken Robinson (x), Jan Leach

2019: Northeast Ohio Newspaper Guild, Local 1

2017: Leo Jeffres, Rachel Dissell

2016: Paul Hoynes

2015: Debora Lee

2014: Connie Schultz, Stan Bullard

2013: Tom Beres, Tom Moore

2012: Brian Tucker, Tony Kozlowski

2011: Brent Larkin, Jae-won Lee

2010: Jim Collins

2009: Dick Hendrickson

2008: Wendy Hoke, David Marburger

2007: Doug Clifton (x), Jerry Masek (x)

2006: No DSAs Made

2005: No DSAs Made

2004: No DSAs Made

2003: Elizabeth Sullivan, Paul Tepley, John Cole (x)

2002: Roldo Bartimole, Dan Coughlin

2001: John Bowen, Peter Miller

2000: Ted Henry, Jerry Masek

1999: Dick Zunt, Neil Zurcher

1998: Mary Strassmeyer (x)

1997: Joe Mosbrook, Paul Young, Sal Marino (x)

1996: Bob Tayek, Russ Schneider

1995: Doris O’Donnell, Darrell Holland, Don Robertson (x)

1994: Marc Gleisser, Nev Chandler

1993: Del Donahoo, Lou Mio

1992: Hugh Danaceau, Ron Kuntz

1991: Leon Bibb, William F. Miller, Mike Roberts, Thomas Vail (x)

1990: Betty Cope, Dick Feagler, Chuck Heaton

1989: Norman Mlachak, Dick Murway, William O. Walker

1987-88: Virgil Dominic, Dick Goddard, Jane Scott

1986: Peter Bellamy, Bill Barrett, Marge Alge

1985: Russell Faist, Harry Volk, Dave Talbott

1984: Theodore Andrica, Dick Peters, Fred Griffith

1983: Ray Osrin, Don Peters, Neal Van Ellis

1982: Doug Adair, Tom Boardman, Charlie Day

1981: Bob August, Hal Lebovitz

1980: George Condon, Dick McLaughlin

1979: John Huth, Dorothy Fuldheim

1978: Lewis Edwards, Julian Krawcheck

1977: David Rimmel, Marie Daerr Boehringer

1976: Milt Widder, Howard Preston

1975: Edward Kuekes, Bob Seltzer

1974: Fred Bottomer, Dudley Brumbach

1973: James Doyle, Philip Porter

1972: David Dietz, Richard Maher

Ohio SPJ contest

The Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati chapters of the Society for Professional Journalists are jointly accepting entries for the Ohio SPJ Awards competition for work published in 2015.

Eligible journalists must work for newspaper, magazine, radio, television, trade, online or college media in Ohio and adjacent states that have significant reach into Ohio. Freelance journalists with residence in Ohio are eligible, regardless of where their work is published.

Learn more about the contest at