Porter Scholarship

We are proud to offer our Porter Scholarship annually to a high school senior demonstrating the skills and desire to enter our profession. Each year’s winner receives a $1,000 per year college scholarship — $4,000 over four years.

Graduating high school seniors from schools in Ashtabula, Cuyahoga, Geauga, Lake, Lorain and Medina counties are eligible. They must be planning to enter the field of journalism or communications. The scholarship is named for Philip W. Porter, a long-time Plain Dealer editor who was one of the co-founders of the Cleveland SPJ Chapter.

Applications are mailed each year to high school guidance counselors and journalism advisors. Incomplete application forms or applications without complete documentation will not be considered for the scholarship.

Look to our upcoming events and programs page for details for our next scholarship application deadline, which will be in spring 2023.

Questions? Contact spjclepro2022@gmail.com 

Past winners

2022: Jeremiah Al-jeleel

2021:  Joshua Aponte 

2020:  Christina Rufo 

2019: Alexis Florence

2018: Katie Salai

2017: Nora Spadoni

2016: Gretchen Lasso

2015: Samantha Harris

2014: Jacob Gedetsis

2013: Thomas Hamzik

2012: Carolyn Crowcroft

2011: Savannah S. Kannberg

2010: Hanna Moosa

2009: Simonetta Quartell

2008: Melissa Kory

2007: Sarah A. Miller

2006: Amber Lewandowski

2005: Justin Armburger

2004: Benjamin Sykes

2003: Rebecca Trela

2002: Rami Daud

2001: Matthew Hutton

2000: Leana Donofrio

1999: Andrew Netzel

1998: Gayle Horwitz

1997: Rachel Dissell

1996: Corrine Henahan

1995: Matthew A. Walcoff

1994: Pia W. Smith

1993: Jessica Blythe Leary

1992: Lori Ann Lessner

1991: Heather Bruce.

1990: Stephanie (Bodo) Storm

1989: Jenean Atwood

1988: Naomi Annandale

1988: Melissa Kossler

1987: June Weiler

1986: Michael Gallagher

1986: Elizabeth Mercer

1985: Dennis Manoloff

1984: Recipient left school 

1983: Kathryn Kudravi

1982: Laurie Abraham

1981: Robert Bundy

1980: Diedre Depke

1979: Helen Karakoudas

1978: Eve Sarris

1977: Michael Pesarchick

1976: Marcia (Meermans) Aghajanian

1975: Barbranda Lumpkins

1974: Joseph J. Kay

1973: Mark O’Donnell

1972: Kay Ann (Morrow) Rolland

1971: Steven Osterhout

1970: Paul Bednarski

1969: Raphael Schlesinger

1968: David Louie 

1967: Michael MarinoI

1966: David Elsner

1965: Lloyd Siegel

1964: Jeffrey Chokel